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Whether it is a clay sculpture or a functional claywork, I have been trying to express the Unseen through the Seen, coming from nature and all kinds of relationships.


Specializing in yakishime
and yakishime yohen claywork

Ceramic artist Ruri creates her sculptural pieces in a wood-fire ana-nobori kiln; a modified anagama kiln that has an extra chamber added. Her kiln, which she calls FuuKooGama, is of her own design and took over five years to build at her Sheridan, Oregon studio. The firing process is as unique and important to her work as is her sense of form. She believes, as do many potters practicing the ancient art of anagama firing, that part of the end result is a “bit of primordial magic, creating a fusion between both the spirit of the artist as well as the alchemy of nature.”

Clay sculpture - Vessels - Bowls - Installations


FuuKooGama (pronounced foo-koh gah-mah) translates to "wind and light kiln" in Japanese.


Join me at La Meridiana International Ceramics Center in Tuscany, where I will be giving a two week handbuilding workshop for wood firing on Oct.04 - 17, 2015.


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See a 30-minute movie about Ruri and her wood-fire kiln on YouTube: Ruri's FuuKooGama part one (14:56) and part two (15:00).